A new survey released by Chemtura reveals that American consumers want fire safe furniture and view flame retardants as a critical component of fire safety.


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Overview of Studies Conducted

Review a list of studies Chemtura submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to support its assessment of TBB.

Overview of Studies Conducted on TBB



Get basic information on how flame retardants work and why they're important.

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Dangerous movement in California would affect upholstered furniture fire safety.

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A list of organizations Chemtura works with on flame retardant issues.

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Firemaster® 550 flame retardant is a Chemtura mixture of brominated and non-halogen flame retardants that significantly reduces the risk of fires from flexible polyurethane foam used as cushioning in furniture and other products.

The story of Firemaster® 550 flame retardant begins in 1995, when Chemtura first notified the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that its scientists had developed an innovative new flame retardant with an improved environmental profile.

In the years that followed, the EPA required a rigorous review of the brominated component, 下载必赢亚洲手机app. In total, 15 studies were submitted to the EPA during the agency's decade-long assessment of TBB. Another 17 studies were conducted for regulatory authorities in other countries. These included studies specifically designed to assess the potential exposure of consumers to the substance, as well as the 下载 必赢亚洲 手机app and potential for 下载 必赢亚洲 手机app. All of this research was conducted at independent accredited laboratories following standardized methods prescribed by organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Based on these studies our scientists concluded – and the EPA agreed – TBB is less persistent and less likely to 下载必赢亚洲手机app than the product it replaced. It was found to be suitable for use as a flame retardant in highly flammable foam.

The best public summary of this assessment comes from the EPA's Design for the Environment project, whose 2005 final report describes TBB as having low 必赢亚洲手机下载app in the environment and low 下载必赢亚洲手机app potential.

Firemaster® 550 flame retardant is an important part of Chemtura's effort to reduce the devastating impact of fires on people, property and the environment. It represents an innovative move to greener chemicals that is in keeping with our company's commitment to Responsible Care®, a global industry performance initiative that helps companies track their performance through established environment, health, safety and security measures that go beyond government requirements.


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